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סטודיו יער | חן רכטמן

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סטודיו יער | חן רכטמן
חן רכטמן

|  About

My name is Chen’cha and I create art using materials found in nature -
the materials of life, even those usually categorized as scraps; everything and anything bursting with spirit and life. 
My work is inspired by ancient crafts.
I am an educator, teacher of ancient life skills, and lover of all beings, earth, and life.

I am mother to Yula-Ruth and wife to Amir.
Each and every day, I learn and discover a bit more about the “wild thing” in me that creates; the wild creator that is me. 
I create sensually, freely, and intuitively using whatever comes into my hands and heart.

| Natural wool and painting 

| Wood and natural fibers 

| Mud building and stone sculpting/engraving